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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

If the VPN trick is used in PUBG then what ID will be banned?

In today's post , I will show you if you use VPN tricks on your public account , will your account are banded or not . I can 100% say that your account will be nothing . Because it's not a hacking . With VPN Trick , you can buy various offers through IP from other countries . Your account is unlikely to be banked . But if you do any kind of hacking then only your account will be banned and your account is not likely to be banned . With VPN Trick , you can purchase different types of items and get them for free .
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How to buy a Royal Pass at PUBG

The topic of today's post is How to Buy a Royal Bus to Pubg You must buy a Royal Pass , You must have a Master Card or Play Google Play Card and you must have $ 9.99 in the account . So you can buy a Royal Pass . Buying a Royal Pass will unlock all of your wiki Royal side missions , and you will be able to pick up RPs from there if you fulfill those missions . Royal Pass is a must buy for every season and you can take RP level 100 by purchasing Royal Pass .

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What's the benefit of buying PUBG Premium?

The topic of today's post is how you buy papaji premium and what is available when you buy premium. First of all, how to buy PUBG premium you need to have a master card or Google play card to buy the premium.The two halves are $ 0.99 and the other is $ 9.99 for the first tee you buy 5 UC par day and second  tee you buy 20 uc par day the next you get more per day per season.

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How long is the PUBG account banned

Today's post, I will show you how many days your bank account is banned in the name. Typically the account is banned in the name of ten years and can be moreAfter your account is banned you will be notified by mail from Pubg that the number of days your account has been banned is named.

In an earlier post I mentioned why your account might be banned. in the post I will show if you can not review if your account is banned.

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Why is the pubg account banned

The topic of today's post is why your account is banned. Your account will not be banned for any reason other than that the account is banned for any wrongdoing.

IDs are usually banned for the following reasons:
* If the account is played by hacking.
* If UC is hacked.

First of all, if you try to hack into any kind of account, then you play hacking, then your account will be banned.

The next post will show how you understand how many days your account has been banned.

How to play PUBG games

This post will show you how to play PUBG games today and let's start this post without delay.

The PUBG Mobile Game began its journey on March 19, 2018 in the Play Store and from there the game continued to grow in popularity and today the game has over one million Play Store downloads. This game is a Battle Ground game. General Chat Chat LoungOne hundred people were taken to an island inside the game, and the last one who survived was given a chicken dinnerThe animation of this game is very nice and the designs it produces are made of very good quality graphics so it is a lot of fun to play this game.
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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

PUBG Season 8 (Week 4) Review। PUBG

PUBG Season 8 (Week 4) Review

In today's post I will show you the missions of the fourth week of PUBG season 8.

mission list 4 week:
1.Open 3 air drops . 
2.Kill at least 2 enemies from the some Squad 2 time in Classic mode.
3.Kill 5 enemies with S1897.
4.Reach Platinum tier or above.
5.Kill an enemy 30 meters or mor away with a grenade twice.
6.Land on top of any building in the School area 3 times.
7.Get a Lv. Helmet in 10 matches.
8.kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L.
9.Kill 5 enemies with Kar98k.
10.Kill an enemy from 200 meters away 3 times.