Wednesday, July 31, 2019

PUBG Season 8 (Week 4) Review। PUBG

PUBG Season 8 (Week 4) Review

In today's post I will show you the missions of the fourth week of PUBG season 8.

mission list 4 week:
1.Open 3 air drops . 
2.Kill at least 2 enemies from the some Squad 2 time in Classic mode.
3.Kill 5 enemies with S1897.
4.Reach Platinum tier or above.
5.Kill an enemy 30 meters or mor away with a grenade twice.
6.Land on top of any building in the School area 3 times.
7.Get a Lv. Helmet in 10 matches.
8.kill 20 enemies with SCAR-L.
9.Kill 5 enemies with Kar98k.
10.Kill an enemy from 200 meters away 3 times.

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